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The Ethics Department is dedicated to assisting Metro in carrying out its mission, in compliance with ethics-related laws and consistent with the highest standards of ethical conduct, to maintain the public’s trust that our decisions are made with impartiality and our services performed with integrity to provide the safest, most effective and efficient transportation system possible for Los Angeles County.

The Ethics Department was established in 1996 by action of the State legislature and reports to the Metro Board of Directors.

The mission of the Ethics Department is to:

  • Provide information and advice to the Board of Directors and assist them in complying with the special ethics-related laws and requirements that apply to them;
  • Serve as the filing officer for the Statement of Economic Interest disclosures by Metro Board Members and employees, and update the Metro Conflict of Interest Code biennially as required by law;
  • Serve as Metro Filing Officer for lobbyist registration and reporting, and administer the lobbyist program;
  • Provide ethics-related materials, education, and advice to Metro employees, contractors, Sector Governance Council members and consultants to promote a high standard of ethics within Metro and assist in compliance with all applicable laws;
  • Serve as the Hearing Officers for reconsideration appeals from contractors that have been determined to have failed in making good faith efforts to achieve the disadvantaged business enterprise goal and other compliance hearings; and
  • Perform such other duties incident to the foregoing or that the Board of Directors may assign or authorize from time to time.