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Community Relations

Community Relations is committed to transforming communities, building a constituency for transportation in Los Angeles County and leading the conversation with stakeholder groups now and for future generations through public engagement.

Our team is made up of three integrated sections, with each section dependent on the activities completed during previous phases, creating a cradle to grave approach and a seamless customer experience.

Community Relations We recognize the importance of the community engagement process as it relates to transportation needs. We are committed to coordinating communications to identify transportation needs, to inform and educate about projects in construction, and to prepare communities for new Metro service. Members of the Community Relations Team are integrated with portions of the planning, architectural, engineering, construction, operations, and safety departments at Metro. On a given day, the Community Relations Team will present information regarding a transit line in the conceptual planning stages, meet with local businesses or Service Councils and brief on current construction activities, and make presentations at schools to discuss how to be safe around existing and soon-to-open transit service.

What's happening today at Metro?

Find out about meetings and events at Metro including art & cultural events, community meetings, community events, and business events . You can get additional information regarding the meetings listed below by clicking or hovering on the links. In addition, you can view meetings or events by month, week or day as well by clicking on the tabs below.

Anthony Crump
Deputy Executive Officer

Lilian DeLoza-Gutierrez
Director, Planning and Environmental Communications

Jody Feerst Litvak
Director, Operations, Regional, Countywide Programs

Jennifer Mendoza-Arndt
Community Education and Mobility Programs

Ayda Safaei
Director, Construction Relations and Mitigation Programs

Patricia Soto
Director, Local Government and Community Partnerships