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Community Relations

Learn more about Metro’s 2016 Public Participation Plan !

Community Relations is committed to transforming communities, building a constituency for transportation in Los Angeles County and leading the conversation with stakeholder groups now and for future generations through public engagement.

Community Relations Welcome to Community Relations! We recognize the importance of the community engagement process as it relates to transportation needs.  This is why we are committed to coordinating communications to identify transportation needs, to inform and educate about projects in construction, and to prepare communities for new Metro service. Members of the Community Relations Team are integrated with portions of the planning, architectural, engineering, construction, operations, and safety departments at Metro . On a given day, the Community Relations team will present information regarding a transit line in the conceptual planning stages, meet with local businesses or Service Councils and brief on current construction activities, and make presentations at schools to discuss how to be safe around existing and soon-to-open transit service.

Our team is made up of three integrated sections, with each section dependent on the activities completed during previous phases, creating a cradle to grave approach and a seamless customer experience.

  1. Community and Municipal Affairs
  2. Construction Relations
  3. Transit Safety Program

Community Relations We encourage you to get involved and be an engaged transformation advocate in your community. Transportation is a neighborhood, local, and regional issue. Your observations and feedback are essential for Metro to plan, construct, and operate a transportation system that meets your needs. Participate in an upcoming meeting and become familiar with transit projects that are In The Works .

Community Relations The Community and Municipal Affairs (CMA) team facilitates community conversations around Metro’s bus and rail operation, transit and highway planning efforts, and agency initiatives. Serving as the liaison to the 88 cities, as well as to business and community stakeholder groups throughout Los Angeles County, the CMA team provides a constant presence serving as the conduit between Metro and the community.

The CMA team is currently leading the engagement process for a number of projects in Los Angeles County. Our team builds constituencies for new initiatives, invests in engagement approaches that are specific to bus and rail operations and projects in communities. CMA staff are assigned to geographic areas and work alongside nearly every department, helping a transit or highway concept complete Planning Definition stage, including the environmental review, architectural and engineering phases, and will transition a project and community to the construction phase. The CMA team also coordinates between community stakeholders and Metro to support Operations including efforts to maintain the system, and additional agency initiatives.

Community Relations Metro’s capital program, like the Crenshaw/LAX Transit, Purple Line Extension, Regional Connector, Universal Pedestrian Bridge, and North Hollywood Underpass Tunnel Projects, bring increased access to transportation, but also through the construction process improve local utilities and, provide communities with opportunities to strengthen their neighborhood fabric.

Our Construction Relations team is responsible for the public outreach, stakeholder communication and construction impact coordination and mitigation on all major construction projects.  The award-winning Eat Shop Play campaign provides direct marketing access to businesses located adjacent to construction activities. The team also assists with implementation and promotion of the Business Solutions Center.

Our team works with communities where construction activities are taking place. Stakeholders will find the Construction Relations team meeting with stakeholder groups, distributing construction notices, and working directly with the construction team to address community concerns. The Construction Relations team also assists with a project’s transition from construction to operations. Activities include introducing new transit access to the community and presenting opportunities for joint development.

Thanks to those of you who provided your feedback on Metro’s Draft Public Participation Plan!

The Federal Transit Administration requires Metro to issue a Public Participation Plan (Plan) as part of its Title VI Program Update every three years. This plan guides all of Metro’s outreach to gather important public input on possible changes to bus and rail service, new projects in planning and in construction, fares and other programs. Metro went above and beyond what was legally required in seeking public input to help make Metro’s 2016 Plan the best it could be. In early 2016, Metro staff updated the most recent Plan that had been approved by the Metro Board in 2013. Shortly thereafter, the updated Draft Plan was circulated for a 30-day public comment period to gather input. Staff then reviewed the public comments received, revised the Draft Plan in response to these comments, and submitted Metro’s 2016 Plan to the Metro Board for their consideration in September 2016. That month Metro Board adopted Metro’s Model Public Engagement Program and approved Metro’s 2016 Plan as baseline for all Metro public outreach.

Click here for a link to Metro’s 2016 Plan Board Report .

Click here for a link to Metro’s 2016 Plan .

Click here for a link to Metro’s 2016 Draft Plan Staff Guidelines .

Click here for a link to Metro’s 2016 Draft Plan Presentation .

For more information, please contact Bronwen Keiner at or 213.922.4465.

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