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The Metro Community Education (MCE) team maintains an ongoing relationship with Los Angeles County schools within a 0.5 mile radius of all street-running Metro Lines (Blue, Expo, and Gold) to reinforce Metro safety messages through Safety Presentations. In addition, the team reaches out to audiences at senior centers, libraries, recreation centers and businesses that are within a 1.5 mile radius of light rail lines.

In classrooms and auditoriums, the team provides vivid, site-specific presentations, integrating photos and videos of at grade crossings. Referencing local stations and their geography, the Community Education group introduces and reviews safety concepts along all Metro’s light-rail alignments. The presentation can range from fifteen minutes to one hour, depending on your needs. Presentations can also be conducted in Spanish.

A question and answer period at the end of each presentation offers an opportunity for dialogue between the presenter and the audience. MCE team members also share valuable information about Metro’s destinations and fares.

All safety presentations focus on the following:

  • How to connect to the Metro System
  • Length of alignment
  • Parking lot information
  • Safety at grade-crossings
  • Significance of Rail signs & signals
  • Rail platform safety
  • Rider etiquette
  • How to purchase fares
  • TAP familiarization
  • Safely waiting for buses
  • How to board a bus or rail car
  • Review of Metro’s Code of Conduct

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