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Citizens Advisory Council Executive Committee Minutes

Citizens Advisory Council Executive Committee Minutes

September 9, 2016

1. Call to Order: Pledge of Allegiance, Welcome and Introductions

Executive Committee Attendees: Hank Fung, Bill Weisman, Seymour Rosen

CAC members: Tony Banash, Darrell Clarke, Michael Conrad, Angelo Logan, Wally Shidler, Brandy Turnbow

Seymour Rosen led the members in the Pledge of Allegiance.

2. Approval of Minutes - August 5, 2016

Mr. Fung reminded members of the process where the Executive Committee consists of the chair, vice chair, secretary, and Chairperson Emeritus.

Moved by Mr. Fung, seconded by Mr. Weisman, carried unanimously.

3. Review September General Assembly Meeting Topic (Safety, Security, and Reliability on Metro Rail System)
a. Invitation to attendees for meeting
b. Possible questions to be asked
c. Blue Line Letter Status Update

This item was discussed. The consensus was the meeting discussion would be on operations and reliability, with discussion on safety and security to be discussed at a future meeting. The meeting would be scheduled for September 21, 2016.

The Blue Line letter would be written by a subcommittee composed of Tony Banash, Dalila Sotelo, and Brandy Turnbow. Mr. Fung would be responsible for conveying the letter to Metro staff. A draft letter will be completed by September 16. The letter would be agendized for the September 2016 CAC General Assembly meeting.

Mr. Logan asked a question about the Brown Act’s applicability to CAC. The consensus of the Executive Committee was to schedule Brown Act training at a future CAC Executive Committee meeting.

4. Review CAC Meeting Schedule for 2016-17 (see attachment)
a. Meeting dates when fourth Thursday falls before fourth Wednesday

Clarification from Metro staff was that the speaker on Metro operations was already scheduled for September 21. Members discussed the differences between the current meeting date of the Wednesday before the fourth Thursday or the fourth Wednesday. After discussion, this would change moving forward, where the meetings will be held on the fourth Wednesday of the month effective 2017, with the exception of any unforeseen scheduling conflicts or conflicts with holidays.

Discussion items on the September meeting were going to be Patsaouras Plaza, Blue Line letter, and Metro Rail operations issues.

5. Action items from August CAC General Assembly meeting
Expenditure Plan Attachment A
Long Range Transportation Plan financial forecast
c. CAC Thank You Letter to Howard Sachar
d. Other items

Items a and b were provided by Metro staff and the CAC secretary.

The Vice Chair indicated that he would get the thank you card for former member Mr. Sachar. The Secretary would collect contributions.

Discussion resulted on who is responsible for the policing of the transit system – Ronene Thomas is the chief of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Transit Policing Division.

6. Ballot Measure Communication Guidelines (Metro staff)

The guidelines for employees would be distributed by Metro staff. (They are posted at )

Members discussed placing the Brown Act training on a future CAC Executive Committee meeting, later determined to be October 7.

7. Public Comment, Non-Agenda Items, (1 minute per speaker)

Louis Burns, Access Services.

8. Consider items not on posted agenda, including items to be presented and referred to committee members and/or staff; items to be placed on agenda at a future CAC meeting; and items requiring immediate action due to an emergency situation or where the need to take immediate action came to the attention of the CAC subsequent to posting of the agenda.


9. Adjournment

Motion by Mr. Fung, seconded by Mr. Weisman, carried unanimously.

Prepared by Hank Fung, CAC Secretary

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