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What happens to my complaint to Metro?

All complaints alleging discrimination based on  race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability in a service or benefit provided by Metro will be recorded on the Customer Comment Database and immediately assigned a complaint number by Metro Customer Relations.

Metro Customer Relations will forward the civil rights complaint for investigation and will provide appropriate assistance to complainants, including persons with disabilities, or who are limited in their ability to communicate in English.

In instances where additional information is needed for assessment or investigation of the complaint, Metro will contact the complainant in writing within 15 working days. Failure of the complainant to provide the requested information by a specified date may result in the administrative closure of the complaint.

Metro will investigate a formal Civil Rights complaint within ten (10) working days of receiving the complaint. Based upon all of the information received, Metro will prepare a draft written response subject to review by Metro’s Director of Civil Rights Programs Compliance.

The Director will determine if the complaint may be administratively closed after the draft is written, or if a final written response is needed. If a final written response is needed, Metro will send the response to the complainant and advise the complainant of his/her right to file a complaint externally.

The complainant also will be advised of his/her right to appeal the response to federal and state authorities as appropriate. Metro will use its best efforts to respond to a Civil Rights complaint within ninety (90) working days of its receipt of such a complaint, unless a complaint is filed with Metro and an external entity simultaneously as noted previously.