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Metro Contractor Pre-Qualification Program

California Public Utilities Code §130051.21 and Ordinance #4-05 of Metro’s Administrative Code requires firms to be pre-qualified prior to doing business with us.

Metro Ordinance # 4-05 specifically exempts certain firms from the pre-qualification process. Pre-qualification is required for all firms not exempted from the process if their bid or proposal will exceed $100,000. In preparation of future business opportunities, firms are encouraged to submit applications in advance when possible.

Pre-Qualification approval is dependent on a firm submitting either a pre-qualification application, or a Validation Form if they have a current approved pre-qualification status. Information submitted in connection with the pre-qualification process is kept confidential and is protected from public disclosure by State law. Metro’s Inspector General may request access to information provided on the application, related documents or supplemental data.

New firms or firms that received a pre-qualification approval more than two years ago are required to submit a pre-qualification application. The application covers areas such as company history, experience, financial status and general business integrity. The pre-qualification process includes verifying the information provided on the application and searching public records and the company’s credit history using Experian or similar database.

Discrepancies must be cleared prior to pre-qualification approval. Companies are notified in writing of their pre-qualification approval or denial.

There are two different applications depending on the type of business you are seeking. Construction firms, or firms intending to seek contracts on construction projects, should complete the Construction Related Projects application . All other firms should complete the Other Than Construction Projects application .

The Applications and Validation Form are available from the following sources:

  1. Download directly from this Web Page (hyperlinks above)
  2. Send an e-mail request to
  3. Request by fax at 213.922.4150
  4. Request by phone at 213.922.4130
  5. Mail a request to:

    Metro Pre-Qualification Office
    One Gateway Plaza, M/S 99-8-1
    Los Angeles, CA 90012-2952

Pre-qualification approval is good for two years. During that time, approved firms that wish to bid or propose on additional solicitations that will exceed $100,000 must submit a one-page Validation Form along with any updated information. Firms will be notified in writing once the validation process is complete.

This information is provided as a service to those who want access to Metro through an Internet site. The information contained in this system is subject to change at any time. Please contact the Pre-Qualification Office by phone or e-mail us at, , for the most current information available.