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The Blue Ribbon Committee convened as an initiative to develop a regional transit service concept that would serve as the blueprint for a transit system defined by seamless integration/coordination, service quality appeal, ease of use for the customer/employee, and sustainable features.

  • The blueprint provided a framework for service design guidelines that focus on optimizing the regional system through an evaluation of issues such as duplicative and unproductive services, system speed, a regional network and hierarchy of routes, route alignment and schedule design, on-time performance and reliability, load standards, and defining specific roles for Metro bus, rail, and municipal operators.
  • The guidelines helped to restructure our transit system towards achieving the goals and objectives of the regional transit service concept. Through this process, we hope to renew partnerships with the public, our employees and municipal operators to foster a collaborative environment for the successful implementation of Measure R.

BRC Membership

Creating a coordinated and integrated transit system will require significant collaboration with key stakeholders, including service sectors, municipal operators, Metro's Citizens Advisory Council, Council of Governments, User Groups such as Business Associations, chambers of Commerce, educational facilities, and civic leaders.  The BRC is comprised of twenty members with representation from each of these areas.

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