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Citizens’ Advisory Council Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

1. Meeting called to order with Pledge of Allegiance

2. Approval of Minutes

3. Introduction of New CAC Member

  • a. Formal introduction to be provided at a future meeting when the new CAC Member is in attendance

4. Discussed CAC Update to Metro Executive Management Committee

  • a. CAC Quarterly report by CAC Chair to include the following:
    • i. Brief update on the status of the CAC FY 2016 Work Plan
    • ii. Distribution of updated FY 2016 Work Plan to Metro Executive Management Committee Members, reflecting edits provided by CAC during the 2/5 meeting
    • iii. Provide reminder to Board of their opportunity to appoint new CAC Members to fill vacancies.
    • iv. Presentation of Metro resolution and plaque to “CAC Person of the Year” and “CAC Organization of the Year” for 2015 to Judge Harry Pregerson and Friends 4 Expo Transit, respectively.

5. Discussed CAC General Assembly Meeting Agenda for February 24, 2016

  • a. Request by CAC for Metro staff to provide a status update on Metro Ridership in response to recent L.A. Times article
  • b. Request for Metro staff to provide an update on the Strategic Bus Plan as soon as possible
  • c. Draft Public Participation Plan Presentation (Part of Metro Title VI Update)
  • d. Election of CAC Vice Chair

6. Discussed CAC General Assembly Meeting Dates for March, onward

  • a. CAC Members will consider changing their standing meeting to the 3 rd Tues. of month or other alternative date that works better for most Members.
  • b. CAC will revisit alternative meeting date options during the next General Assembly meeting

7. Old & New Business

  • a. CAC Members agreed to goal of getting 5 new CAC Members appointed to CAC Committee by April
  • b. CAC Members would like greater diversity represented on the Council
  • c. CAC would like to consider the contacts that have contacted Metro, expressing interest in serving on the CAC

8. Public Comment

  • a. None

9. Considered items not on posted agenda, including items to be presented and referred to committee members and/or staff; items to be placed on agenda for action at a future CAC meeting; and items requiring immediate action due to an emergency situation or where the need to take immediate action came to the attention of the CAC subsequent to posting of the agenda.

  • a. Patrick Preusser, Executive Director, Metro Rail Transportation, provided a brief update on the status of Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension anticipated pre-opening activities and March 5 opening day festivities

10. Adjournment