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You Are / Are Not Here

Project Description

By focusing on the “you are here” signs, the artists slyly suggest that through our imagination we can similarly be “there” as well.

Artist Statement

“The selection of sites the images depict are significant, but not completely clear in all cases. The clues are there, making for a kind of puzzle for viewers, waiting for a train, or taking pause, while on their way down a normally familiar corridor.”

About the Artist

THE CENTER FOR LAND USE INTERPRETATION (CLUI) was founded in 1994 by Matthew Coolidge, its current Director. Sarah Simons has been Associate Director since 1997. The CLUI takes a broadly interdisciplinary approach to the investigation of land use, drawing on the natural sciences, sociology, art, architecture, and history. Their work has been presented in museums and noncommercial exhibit spaces, nationally and abroad, as well as in the institution’s network of public exhibit facilities. The CLUI maintains an online database of unusual and exemplary land use in the United States, publishes books, operates a residence program and interpretive site, and conducts public tours in the salt flats of Utah.