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West Hollywood

West Hollywood Buscard West Hollywood Rail Poster

Project Description

This colorful collage embraces a city rich with complexity by tracing the memories of the city from the Tongva, to its current diversity of residents and iconic status.

Artist Statement

“The cityscape was created with a collage photographs I took while walking along Santa Monica Blvd. I stitched together Russian Jewish iconography to evoke a spirited sense of history, and by creating a continuous fabric of color, life, and joy using the city’s buildings, I also wanted to honor the strong LGBT presence in West Hollywood.”

About the Artist

IRIS YIREI HU is an inter-disciplinary artist. Native to Los Angeles, she recently completed an outdoor mural at the Bowtie Projects Con/Safos and has exhibited her often auto-biographical work at Commonwealth and Council Gallery, and Fourth Wall. She received a Bachelor of Art from the University of California Los Angeles and is currently in the Masters of Fine Arts program at Columbia University.