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L.A. Sonata

This is one of twenty-four art panels created by artist Judithe Hernández for Downtown Santa Monica Station

Project Description

Located at the terminus station, at the edge of the continent, the twenty-four art panels depict a composite of global mythologies. The artist layers images to create metaphors for day and night as well as the seasons. By weaving cultural identifiers with elements that denote the passage of time, artworks create a sense of shared place and historical significance that honors the heritage of the local, the immigrant and the tourist alike.

Artist Statement

I sought an image palette from the ancient myths and legends of Europe, Mexico, Japan, India, Latin America, Iran, Russia, Native America, Polynesia and Africa. These images became a visual symphony, a magical dreamscape.

About the Artist

Carmen Argote

JUDITHE HERNÁNDEZ has completed public art projects for El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historic Monument; the Craft and Folk Art Museum; Ramona Gardens Housing Project; California State University, Los Angeles; and The Great Wall of Los Angeles Mural, in a flood control channel in Van Nuys. Her work has been acquired by private and public collections that include the Bank of America Collection, New York; Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento; National Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago; Vincent Price Art Museum, Los Angeles; El Paso Museum of Art, El Paso; Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, Philadelphia and the United Farm Workers Union, La Paz. She holds both a Master of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Otis Art Institute (now Otis College of Art and Design).