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Artist: Paul Diez

MAY SUN, RICHARD WYATT, and PAUL DIEZ worked together as a team on this project. Sun was born in Shanghai and spent her formative years in Hong Kong. She has received fine arts degrees from UCLA and Otis Art Institute. Her work has ranged from theater performances to multi-media installations. Her public art projects include the Metro Rail Hollywood/Western Station, Culver City City Hall, and a commemorative fence for Chinatown in downtown LA. Wyatt was born and raised in Los Angeles and was first recognized for his artistic talent at a Watts Community Chalk-In when he was seven years old. Wyatt received his Bachelor of Arts from UCLA and is one of the region's most important muralists. His public works can be seen at the Capitol Records Building, Watts Towers Arts Center, and Spike's Joint. Wyatt also created two large tile murals for the Metro Rail Wilshire/Western Station. Architect Diez worked with Sun on the Metro Rail Hollywood/Western Station. Marine biologist Oscar Weathersby was the aquarium consultant to the team.