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Sponsor Policy Name Mo/Year adopted or amended
Operations Accelerated Bus Procurement Oct-98
Administration Acquisition Policy - Contract Modifications May-12
Counsel Alternative Dispute Resolution for Rail Projects May-99
Operations Alternative Fuel Initiative May-00
MASD Annual Audit Plan Jun-12
Board Annual Evaluation of the CEO between March 30th & May 30th Mar-12
Communications ART Art for Rail Transit Jun-89
Planning Bicycle Locker Rental Dec-08
Planning Bikes on Rail Apr-11
Planning Bus System Improvement Nov-97
Planning Call for Projects Lapsing of Funds Jul-06
Operations Cleanliness (Graffiti Abatement) Jan-04
Communications Color Designations for Metro Fixed Guideways Aug-06
Finance Compressed Natural Gas Hedging Mar-07
Planning Congestion Management Oct-10
Administration Construction Careers Policy Jan-12
Procurement Construction Management Consultant Services Feb-01
Communications Contracted Pass Programs Feb-03
Planning Coordinated Public Transit Human Services Jan-08
Operations Coordination of Transit Agencies' Schedule Development & Transfers Jul-12
Planning Countywide Bicycle Jun-06
Finance Debt (adopted annually) Annually
Finance Defeased Lease Oct-08
Procurement Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Dec-09
Procurement Disposition of Personal Property Sep-01
Real Estate Disposition of Surplus Real Property Aug-01
General Donation of Personal Property Oct-95
Human Resources Drug and Alcohol Free Work Environment Jul-11
Construction Energy and Sustainability Jul-07
Construction Environmental Apr-09
Operations Fare Exemption for Uniformed Law Enforcement Aug-06
Finance Fare Policy Jan-08
Communications Film Production Jul-94
Finance Financial Stability Jan-08
Finance Financial Stability - Retiree Medical Liabilities May-12
Planning Fiscal Responsibility Policy for Measure R Transit & Highway Project Contingencies May-11
Planning Formula Allocation Procedure Nov-07
Planning Formula Allocation Procedure–Special Provisions Nov-00
Operations Freeway Service Patrol Beat Cap Sep-01
Planning Freeway Traveler Information System Program Strategy Jun-12
Planning Goods Movement Jun-07
Construction Green Construction Jul-11
Communications Guidelines for Measure R Independent Taxpayers Oversight Committee Mar-10
Planning High Occupancy Vehicle Sep-02
Communications Holiday Celebration Free Fare Program Dec-06
Planning Intelligent Transportation Systems Jan-05
Finance Interest Rate Swap Annually
Finance Investment Annually
Real Estate Joint Development of Real Property Oct-09
Finance Measure R Guidelines for Countywide Bus Operation, Maintenance & Expansion Oct-09
Finance Measure R Local Return Program Guidelines Oct-09
Planning Measure R Contingency Policy Apr-12
Communications Media Procurement Dec-02
Planning Metro Grade Crossing Safety Policy Oct-10
Communications Metro System Advertising Jun-06
Human Resources Military Leave Nov-01
Human Resources Minimum Age for Non-Contract Retirement Jun-98
Operations Minor Route Modifications Sep-02
Planning Municipal Operator System Improvement Program Apr-01
Human Resources Nepotism Oct-95
Planning Parking Jul-03
Human Resources Position Authorization and Compensation May-08
Administration Procurement (See Acquisition Policy) Jan-10
Planning Programming Cost Changes for STIP Oct-05
Administration Project Labor Agreement Jan-12
Communications Property Naming Aug-03
Operations Public Restrooms May-99
Administration Records Management Dec-04
Communications Regional Pass Program (EZ Pass) Jun-04
Planning Regional Transit Plan Jan-03
Construction Renewable Energy Sep-11
Planning Rights-of-Way Guidelines Mar-00
Operations Service Development (Blue Ribbon Committee) Jul-07
Operations Service Sector Governance Sep-05
Operations Service Sector Nomination Process Dec-02
Planning Short Range Transportation Plan Aug-03
Procurement Small Business Enterprise Program Apr-11
Procurement Small Business Technical Participation Jan-04
Communications Smart Card Technology Mar-04
Planning Soundwall Implementation Sep-07
Planning Surface Transportation Program–Local Lapsing of Funds Jul-04
Construction Sustainability Jun-08
Real Estate Telecommunications and Facilities Management Mar-00
Planning Transit Oriented Development Grant Program & Revised Lapsing Policy Jun-12
Executive Office Transit Security Jul-02
Executive Office Transit Security Response Times Jan-12
Operations Transit Service Jul-12
Construction Unified Cost Increase Process and Policy for Measure R Projects Jun-10
Real Estate Use of Property for Commercial Activities Jul-11
NOTE: Board report actions should be verified against the actual meeting Minutes for any adopted motions/amendments to those items.
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