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Metro Tracks COVID-19 Cases

Metro is working closely with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to closely monitor the coronavirus outbreak as it relates to our employees, contractors and transit system. Below you will find a chart with confirmed cases of COVID-19 among employees and contractors. This information is for the purpose of ensuring safety among employees, contractors and Metro riders. Safety is Metro's top priority, and staff will continue to closely monitor and record any confirmed positive cases throughout the agency. Metro will not reveal the identities of those who have been listed. The agency respects the privacy of the individuals and their families.

Confirmed Cases: 79 (44 employees, 31 contractors, 4 vendors)
Confirmed Deaths: 1 (0 employees, 1 contractor, 0 vendors)
Recovered Cases: 17 (17 employees, 0 contractors, 0 vendors) as of May 29, 2020, 5 p​​​​.m.

Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Confirmed Cases of COVID-19

PositionWork LocationDate Confirmed
Construction Contractor La Brea Field Office-7th Floor 22-Mar
Maintenance Division 5 23-Mar
Maintenance Division 7 25-Mar
Construction Contractor Portal Widening & Turnback Project Office 24-Mar
Security Contractor Division 5 26-Mar
Contractor Operator ExpressLanes-Service Centers Torrance  27-Mar
Operator Trainee Operations Central Instruction (OCI) 27-Mar
Vendor Location 64 30-Mar
Contract Operator Division 97 29-Mar
Maintenance Location 34 31-Mar
Metro Security Crenshaw Office Location 520 1-Apr
Operator Division 10 1-Apr
Administrative Professional Gateway HQ 1-Apr
Operator Division 2 2-Apr
Administrative Professional Gateway HQ 2-Apr
Operator Division 7 3-Apr
Operator Division 1 3-Apr
Operator Division 10 29-Mar
Construction Contractor Crenshaw/Vernon Underground Station 29-Mar
Vendor 777 Figueroa Office 7-Apr
Operator Division 9 8-Apr
Operator Division 15 10-Apr
Construction Contractor La Cienega Station 10-Apr
Bus Operator Division 3 10-Apr
Bus Operator Division 7 12-Apr
Maintenance Worker Division 3 14-Apr
Vendor Division 18 14-Apr
Vendor Division 1 16-Apr
Bus Operator Division 9 16-Apr
Contract Mechanic Division 97 18-Apr
Metro Security Gateway HQ 19-Apr
Maintenance Contractor Division 97 20-Apr
Bus Operator Division 5 20-Apr
Contractor Purple Line Extension 1- Fairfax 21-Apr
Bus Operator Division 15 22-Apr
Maintenance Worker Division 1 24-Apr
Contractor  Gold Line Region/Landscaping 25-Apr
Maintenance Worker LAUS - Red/Gold 25-Apr
Receiving Worker CMF 28-Apr
Contractor PLE La Cienga Box 13-Apr
Contractor PLE La Cienga Box 13-Apr
Administrative Professional Rail Operations Control 30-Apr
Bus Operator Division 5 30-Apr
Construction Contractor Route 170 Bridge Widening & Soundwall 29-Apr
Contractor La Cienega Station Box 1-May
Contractor Regional Connector Surface Streets, yards, closures 1-May
Contractor 777 Figueroa Office 13-Apr
Contractor Division 1 16-Apr
Bus Operator Division 5 1-May
Contractor PLE1 - La Cienega 1-May
Contractor PLE1 - La Cienega 1-May
Contractor PLE1 - La Cienega 1-May
Maintenance Worker Division 20 2-May
Maintenance Worker Division 20 2-May
Administrative Professional ​Rail Operations Control 3-May
Bus Operator Division 3 4-May
Bus Operator Division 2 5-May
Maintenance Worker Division 8 6-May
Bus Operator Division 95 11-May
Contractor  Crenshaw/LAX MLK Station 11-May
Contractor  Crenshaw/LAX 11-May
Contractor  Crenshaw/LAX MLK Station 11-May
Bus Operator Division 18 13-May
Mechanic C1120-2020 Century Parke E. 13-May
Road Supervisor Division 95 13-May
Custodian Los Angeles Union Station 13-May
Contractor Division 9 14-May
Employee Division 15 14-May
Administrative Professional Central Maintenance Facility (CMF) 15-May
Maintenance Worker Location 67 15-May
Contractor Gateway HQ 15-May
Contractor Crenshaw/LAX - MLK Station 18-May
Bus Operator Division 3 22-May
Administrative Professional Location 34 22-May
Bus Operator ​Division 15 23-May
Contractor Crenshaw/LAX- Downtown Inglewood Station 20-May
Bus Operator Division 13 26-May
​Maintenance Worker Gateway HQ 28-May
Administrative Professional ​Gateway HQ 28-May


Metro reports confirmed cases involving our employees and contractors. Members of the general public are not included in Metro's public reporting of COVID-19 cases.

  • For Metro's reporting purposes, a case is considered "confirmed" when an employee gets confirmation from their healthcare provider.
  • Employees identified as having close contact (above) are notified and sent home for quarantine/monitoring of symptoms under the care of their personal healthcare provider.
  • This document will be updated Sunday through Friday by 6 p.m.