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AAC April Agenda and March Minutes

Thursday, April 14, 2016 – 10:30 AM


METRO Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAC)
One Gateway Plaza
3rd Floor – Gateway Conference Room

1. CALL TO ORDER: Self-Introductions/Housekeeping Items
10:30 – 10:35 am
Ellen Blackman, Chair

2. ACTION: Approval of March 10, 2016
10:35 – 10:40 am
Ellen Blackman, Chair

3. PRESENTATION: Metro Service Excellence Award
10:40 – 10:45 am
Ellen Blackman, Chair

4. INFORMATION:  Construction of New Union Station East Passenger Pick-up/Drop-Off
10:45 – 11:05 am
Steve Jaffe, Metro

5. INFORMATION: Azusa Gold Line Station Follow-Up
11:05 – 11:30 am
Ben Alcaraz, Metro

6. INFORMATION:  Metro Accessibility Unit Update
11:30 – 11:50 am
Joanna Lemus, Metro

7. NEW BUSINESS: Raised Subsequent to the Posting of the Agenda
11:50 am – 12:10 pm
Ellen Blackman, Chair

12:10 – 12:30 pm
Ellen Blackman, Chair

12:30 pm
Ellen Blackman, Chair


Meeting Minutes for March 10, 2016

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Accessibility Advisory Committee

Members in Attendance:
Ellen Blackman
Frank Chavez
Kevin Dixon
Daniel Garcia
Linda Keeney
Sherril Martin
John Mavis
Angela Nwokike
Mark Panitz
Jared Rimer
Edward Williams
Jeremy Congdon
Ben Rockwell
Christine Leahey
Tonni Yee-Hemphill
Elizabeth Lyons

Mary Helen Cruz
Blanca Angulo

Cameron Lee
Artemio Ambrosio

1. Call To Order

Chair Ellen Blackman called the meeting to order at 10:30 am.

2. Action: Approval of February 11, 2016 minutes

Second Vice Chair, Ben Rockwell, motioned to approve the February meeting minutes. Frank Chavez seconded the approval of the minutes. Minutes were unanimously approved.

3. Presentation of Metro Service Excellence Award.

Ignacio Gonzalez Del Campo, Division 13 Bus Operator, was awarded for his enthusiasm and hard work observed at the Abilities Expo on Saturday, February 6, 2016. Mr. Del Campo provided helpful and detailed answers to questions, listened with genuine interest to customer concerns, and enthusiastically thanked each customer for stopping by the Metro table.

4. Information: Active Transportation Plan

Tham Nguyen, Metro’s Transportation Planning Manager, presented on the Draft Active Transportation Strategic Plan Update. She shared the goals of the plan which include improving access to transit and creating a safe accessible environment that fosters healthy, equitable, and economically vibrant communities. She stated that the Draft Active Transportation Plan can be accessed online at Comments regarding the Active Transportation Plan may be submitted to Tham Nguyen at by March 25, 2016.

5. Information: Proposed Mandatory Wheelchair Securement Policy

Jess Segovia, Accessibility Manager, reported on the proposed wheelchair securement policy. He provided names of different transit agencies that currently have mandatory wheelchair securement as part of their policy.

Some committee members inquired about liability concerns with the current Metro policy regarding wheelchair securement. Additional questions involved the lap and shoulder belt policy were addressed. He stated that a significant amount of outreach and public notification would be involved before making any changes.

Ben Rockwell motioned to approve mandatory wheelchair securement and Frank Chavez seconded the approval.

Cynde Soto commented that AAC Members could assist in sharing this information.

6. Information: Metro’s 5310 Grant Program

Ashad Hamideh, Director of Countywide Planning, presented an update to the FTA Section 5310 “Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities Program.” Mr. Hamideh reported on the funds available for projects and programs that will enhance the mobility of older adults and individuals with disabilities. He asked for volunteers to be part of the working group to participate in the processing of identifying programs to be considered for the funds.

Ellen Blackman asked for volunteers. Elizabeth Lyons and Tonni Yee-Hemphill volunteered to be part of the working group committee.

7. Information: Metro’s “On the Move Riders Club”

Lily Ortiz, Project Manager for Metro’s “On the Move Riders Club,” shared that the program is a peer-to-peer travel training program for older adults.

8. Information: Accessibility Programs Update

Joanna Lemus, Accessibility Administrator, shared information about the VIP Tour for the Gold Line Extension that occurred on February 18th and 19th. She mentioned that a second opportunity to attend the tour will take place in April and will be coordinated with the Community Relations Department. Ms. Lemus shared department updates on outreach events, including Easter Seals Bus Practice Event on March 2, 2016, a safety presentation at California Adult Employment Support Services (CAESS) on March 15, 2016, and Rancho Los Amigos Bus Practice Event on March 17, 2016.

Ms. Lemus addressed an inquiry that was brought up in a previous meeting regarding the preparation plans for future Rams football games. She reported that a task force has been created and as plans develop, information would be shared with AAC.

AAC members reinforced their desire to tour the new facilities and provide input regarding accessibility features.

9. New Business: Raised Subsequent to the Posting of the Agenda

Angela Nwokike shared information on two upcoming events: Disability Athletics Faire on April 2, 2016 and the Disability Capitol Action Day & Resource Fair on May 26, 2016.

Committee members shared their experiences regarding the Gold Line extension opening.

Daniel Garcia followed up on some previous comments that he made in the February meeting concerning bus stop accessibility at hospitals, as well as a concern about the need for cameras in Metro station elevators. Ms. Lemus responded that staff will continue to work on addressing those concerns.

Giovanna Gogreve, Accessibility Administrator, briefly provided information regarding the Patsouras Transit Plaza construction project that is scheduled to begin on April 4. Ms. Gogreve informed the committee that private occupancy vehicles will not be allowed to enter the transit plaza and that Access Services will use Bay area 8 and 9 for picking up passengers. Shuttles will still be able to pick up passengers.

10. Public Comment

No public comment.

11. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 12:45 p.m.