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AAC Agenda - Thursday, August 9, 2012


Gateway Conference Room, 3rd Floor
One Gateway Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90012

1. CALL TO ORDER , New Member Introductions,
Self-Introductions, Chair and Staff Comments
10:30 – 10:45 am; Chair
2. ACTION : Approval of June, 2012 Minutes 10:45 – 10:50 am; Chair


G-Tel System

10:50 – 11:10 am; Yvonne Price


Customer Information: Posters, Take One and Transit TV Spots

11:10 – 11:30 am; Yvonne Price
El Monte Station Braille Sign
11:30 – 11:45 am; Chip Hazen


Travel Partners Program for Older Adults

11:45 – 11:55 am; Chip Hazen


Slate of Candidates for AAC Elections

11:55 – 12:15 pm;

Nomination Committee


Subsequent to Posting of Agenda

12:15 – 12:20 pm; Chair
10. PUBLIC COMMENT 12:20 – 12:30 pm; Chair
11. ADJOURN 12:30; Chair

FORMATS UPON REQUEST; PLEASE CALL 213/922-4308 OR 213/922-7495.

Meeting Minutes June 14, 2012

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Accessibility Advisory Committee

Members in Attendance :

Chair Ellen Blackman
Gloria Broderick
Stephanie Bussi
Mary Helen Cruz
Kevin Dixon
Linda Keeney
Sherrill Martin
John Mavis
Angela Nwokike
Mark Panitz
Donna Pomerantz
Mitch Pomerantz
Ben Rockwell


Sam Altman
Michael Arrigo


K.E. “Andy” Anderson
Daniel Garcia
Consuella Mackey
Edward Williams

Chair Ellen Blackman called meeting to order at 10:30 a.m., with self-introductions.

Chair & Staff Comments

Chair Ellen Blackman welcomed the three guests conducting Metro’s Peer Review Group from Orange Country Transportation Agency.

Chair Ellen Blackman reminded members that the committee will not meet for the month of July. However, the Steering Committee will move forward with the date of July 16th.

Commendation- Maycott
Chair Ellen Blackman presented a commendation to Assistant Transit Operations Manager Barbara Maycott, for her vision, dedication, and the results achieved for Metro’s agency and the disabled community.

As an appreciation of Barbara’s hard work, the AAC Committee honored her by presenting her with a certificate.

Approval of May 10, 2012 Minutes

A request was made for correction of the previous month’s minutes to reflect “Approval of April Minutes”. Ben Rockwell moved for the correction. Numerous committee members seconded and Mark Panitz abstained. Minutes as corrected were approved.

Commendation- Triche-Williams, Mason, Solomon, Macon

Chair Ellen Blackman presented a commendation to Nadine Trish-Williams, Darcy Mason, Mark Solomon, and Monica Macon, which was accepted on their behalf by Communications Manager Tom Horne.

All four were commended by the Committee for their quick action, team work and ensuring public transit access to a mobility-impaired infant and her mother in April, 2012. A certificate of appreciation for each person commended was received by Tom Horne on their behalf.

Report & Poll- Station Lighting

Chip Hazen informed the Committee that Phase 2 of the Expo Line includes lighting similar to the Phase 1 lighting, which contained lights embedded to ground and in hand rails.

Donna Pomerantz objected to this proposal, indicating that the lighting causes a glare that is hazardous to people who are visually impaired, seniors, and others riders.

Donna proposed a motion to include that “a ll rail stations have, as standard, overhead lighting to light the platforms, due to glare coming up, causing problems for people who are visually impaired.” Ben Rockwell seconded the motion.

Motion- Rear-Facing Wheelchair Securement Equipment

Ben Rockwell reported that Metro is evaluating rear-facing wheelchair securement equipment for placement on buses. The equipment is intended as an additional option to the current forward-facing securement on buses.

Chair Ellen Blackman read the motion as follows:

AAC recommends that Metro staff proceed with the rear-facing securement equipment as an additional option for riders using wheelchairs. The AAC recommends that Metro staff continue to evaluate the rear-facing equipment, and refine the design for optimal design and safety. The AAC requests that Metro re-emphasize the need to have accurate bus stop announcements because passengers in a rear-facing position will not be able to see upcoming stops”.

Numerous committee members approved, Mitch Pomerantz abstained, and John Mavis rejected the motion.

Presentation- Automated Voice Annunciation

Al Martinez, Supervisor at Metro’s Information Management Department, informed the Committee about the technical aspects of the automated voice annunciation system on buses.

Several committee members had complaints regarding the AVA system. Al agreed that problems have occurred, but also explained the difficulty in fixing and or standardizing the equipment due to various types of buses and railcars.

Al informed the committee that beginning Sunday, June 23rd, the new AVA feature on buses will announce rail connection points. He also mentioned that new signage, including Braille, will be installed at bus stops. This will provide riders with the bus stop ID number for use with smart phones to learn the next vehicle departure time.

Report- Gate Telephone System

Chair Ellen Blackman announced that a new Gate Telephone system will be installed. The system will provide access for people who do not have the use of arms or hands to TAP their fare media in order to enter the rail platforms, later this year when fare gates are locked.

Yvonne Price asked the Committee if 2 ft. would be an appropriate height for the gate sensor system. Most felt that it was a desirable height. Yvonne proceeded to explain that the sensor at the bottom would notify the Closed Circuit TV monitoring staff that a rider needs assistance to enter through the locked fare gates.

Should the person not be able to hear, a set of light signals would indicate to the rider that communication has taken place and he or she may proceed to the fare gates, which would be opened. Yvonne notified the Committee that the proof-of-concept prototype is located downstairs at the Red/Purple Line at Union Station; she will assist anyone interested in examining it.

Presentation- Election Information

Chair Ellen Blackman announced that the election of officers will take place at the September AAC Meeting. This year’s Nominating Committee, appointed by Chair Blackman is Donna Pomerantz, Sherrill Martin and Angela Nwokike.

At the August AAC Meeting the Nominating Committee will present a slate of nominees, one person for each office: Chair, First Vice-Chair and Second Vice-Chair.

Public Comments

Yvonne verified that the Orange Line opens on June 30th.

Donna implored that Metro not change the current signage with the black background and amber lettering, indicating that it “works” for all, especially those with visual disabilities.

Chair Ellen Blackman adjourned the meeting at 12:30pm.