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20th Anniversary

Metro Rail celebrates its 20th Anniversary

Rail transit in LA County was only a memory when Metro Rail’s first line opened on July 14, 1990. Now, 20 years later , rail has become an integral part of the county’s transit system. A 70-station network -- encompassing the Blue, Red, Purple, Green and Gold lines – joins forces with some 200 bus lines to get people where they need to go, more than 1.2 million times every day.

The expansion of rail has done more than increase transit efficiency in our area. It has changed our urban landscape, prompting the development of housing complexes, retail centers and business hubs, all conveniently clustered around transit stations.

Thanks to funding from voter-approved Measure R, the years ahead will take LA County transit to new heights, with expanded rail service and enhanced bus connections. But it all stems from the system that has blossomed over the last two decades.

In commemorating Metro Rail’s 20th Anniversary, we salute all of our riders whose support has built the foundation for LA County’s transit future.