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20 Years of Metro Rail

Metro Rail celebrates its 20th Anniversary

Rail transit in LA County was only a memory when Metro Rail’s first line opened on July 14, 1990. Now, 20 years later , rail has become an integral part of the county’s transit system. A 70-station network -- encompassing the Blue, Red, Purple, Green and Gold lines – joins forces with some 200 bus lines to get people where they need to go, more than 1.2 million times every day.

The expansion of rail has done more than increase transit efficiency in our area. It has changed our urban landscape, prompting the development of housing complexes, retail centers and business hubs, all conveniently clustered around transit stations.

Thanks to funding from voter-approved Measure R, the years ahead will take LA County transit to new heights, with expanded rail service and enhanced bus connections. But it all stems from the system that has blossomed over the last two decades.

In commemorating Metro Rail’s 20th Anniversary, we salute all of our riders whose support has built the foundation for LA County’s transit future.

Metro Rail Timeline
Metro Rail’s Growth: From 1990 to 2010 and beyond
Click here to view an interactive version of the Metro rail timeline.

Year Summary of Construction Dates


July 14 - Metro Blue Line opens linking Long Beach and Los Angeles, the two largest cities in LA County.

Total System Stations:  22


January 30 - Metro Red Line opens between Union Station and Westlake/MacArthur Park, connecting with the Metro Blue Line at 7 th Street/Metro Center Station.

Total System Stations:  26


August 12 - Metro Green Line opens between Norwalk and Redondo Beach, connecting with the Metro Blue Line at Imperial/Wilmington Station.

Total System Stations: 39


July 13 - Metro Purple Line opens extension west to Wilshire/Western.

Total System Stations: 42


June 12 - Metro Red Line opens extension north to Hollywood/Vine.

Total System Stations: 47


June 24 - Metro Red Line opens extension north to North Hollywood.

Total System Stations: 50


July 26 - Metro Gold Line opens between Union Station and Pasadena, connecting with the Metro Red and Purple lines at Union Station.

Total System Stations: 62


September 29 - Construction begins on the Expo Line between Culver City and downtown LA. When completed it will connect with the Metro Blue, Red and Purple Lines.


November 15 - Metro Gold Line extended east to East LA.

Total System Stations: 70


June 26 – Construction begins to extend the Metro Gold Line to Azusa, the first rail project funded by Measure R to break ground.

Construction continues on the Expo Line to Culver City.  When completed, it will connect with the Metro Blue, Red and Purple lines.

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