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EZ transit pass overview

EZ transit pass overview

Now you can ride most LA County systems with EZ transit pass.

No more fussing with transfers or fumbling for exact change! Get an EZ transit pass and ride almost any bus or train in LA County all month.

It’s just $84 Senior/Disabled/Medicare $35

Get your EZ transit pass at most transit pass sales outlets countywide including:

  • Metro Customer Centers
  • Municipal transit stores
  • Continental Currency Services
  • Nix Check Cashing
  • Ralph’s markets (selected locations)
  • Von’s markets (selected locations)

Call 323.GO.METRO or visit Metro Pass and Token sales outlets for the sales location nearest you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an EZ transit pass?

The EZ transit pass is a monthly pass good for local travel on 24 different public transit carriers throughout the Greater Los Angeles region.

Which transit carriers honor the EZ transit pass?

As of July 2008: Antelope Valley Transportation Authority (AVTA), Beach Cities Transit, Burbank Local Transit, Carson Circuit, City of Commerce, Culver CityBus, Foothill Transit, Gardena Municipal Bus Lines, Glendale Beeline, Huntington Park COMBI, LADOT (DASH and Commuter Express), LAX FlyAway (discount), Long Beach Transit, Metro Bus and Metro Rail, Montebello Bus Lines, Monterey Park Spirit Bus, Norwalk Transit, Pasadena Arts Shuttle, PV Transit, Santa Clarita Transit, Santa Fe Springs MetroExpress, Santa Monica Big Blue Bus, South Pasadena Gold Link, & Torrance Transit.

How long is the EZ transit pass valid?

The EZ transit pass can be used from the first day of the month through the last day of the month.

How much does an EZ transit pass cost?

The EZ transit pass is $84 for local full fare or $35 for local senior/disabled/Medicare riders. Freeway Express services require a Premium Stamp or zone fare. Please see below.

What about Metrolink?

The EZ transit pass is not honored by Metrolink; however, valid Metrolink tickets or passes will be accepted for unlimited local travel by every participating carrier, except Santa Monica’s Big Blue Bus.

Is there a special EZ transit pass for students?

No, students should purchase the regular EZ transit pass for $84.

Where to Purchase

Where can I get the EZ transit pass?

The EZ transit pass may be purchased at Metro Customer Centers, municipal transit stores, or at over 600 participating vendors such as Continental Currency Services, Nix Check Cashing, Ralph’s markets, and Von’s markets. Visit Metro Pass and Token sales outlets to find a convenient EZ transit pass vendor near you.

EZ Premium Stamps and Zone Fares

What are the additional costs to the EZ transit pass?

An EZ Premium Stamp for zones or long distances can be purchased at $22 per zone ($9.50 for senior/ disabled/Medicare), up to ten zones for long-distance carriers.

Can I use my regular EZ transit pass without a Premium Stamp for zones?

Yes, you can use an EZ transit pass without a Premium Stamp; it will be good for unlimited local travel. An additional cash zone fare may be required for zone travel.

What if I want to use my EZ transit pass and pay cash for the zone?

The EZ transit pass will be good for base fare, and you may pay cash for the zone fare.

How much is the zone fare?

Zone fares vary by carrier. Your bus operator will quote you the correct add-on cash zone fare.

What if I have a monthly EZ transit pass with a premium stamp?

The P-1 through P-10 Premium Stamps indicate the number of zones you may travel without paying extra zone fares. (Seniors, disabled and Medicare riders may purchase PS-1 through PS-10 stamps.)

Do senior/disabled/Medicare passengers pay a zone fare?

Yes, senior/disabled/Medicare riders may be required to purchase a Premium Stamp (PS) for zones or pay a cash zone fare for each zone trip when using the EZ transit pass. Zone charges for senior, disabled or Medicare riders are not applicable on Metro.

Do students pay zone fares?

Yes, students may purchase a regular Premium Stamp for zones or pay a cash zone fare for each zone trip when using the EZ transit pass.

What about transfers?

No transfers are necessary between the EZ transit pass transit carriers; the EZ transit pass eliminates the fumbling for transfers or extra coins when transferring.

Do I need to show my ID with my EZ transit pass?

If you are using the senior/disabled/ Medicare EZ transit pass, be prepared to show your valid ID to the bus operator upon request as you board.

Is there an EZ transit pass Day Pass for all the transit carriers?

No, right now the EZ transit pass is a monthly pass. However, discussions are taking place to possibly create an EZ transit Day Pass.

EZ transit pass is the only monthly pass good on:

* Passengers transferring to Metrolink must possess Metrolink passes.

** Does not accept Metrolink passengers.

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