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Paying Your Fare

On buses, you can pay for a single ride with cash using exact change or a TAP card loaded with cash to pay as you go. On Metro Rail and the Metro Orange Line, single-ride fares must be loaded on a TAP card; purchase your fare before you board at self-service TAP vending machines, then tap your card as you enter the station.

Note: New TAP cards are $1 at TVMs and aboard bus or $2 at Pass sales outlets, and must be sold with a pass. One card per rider. Cards are non-transferable.




Single Ride (no transfers included)
Pay this amount each time you board a Metro bus or train



Metro-to-Muni Transfer
Required for transfer to municipal lines; Not valid on Metro Bus and Metro Rail



Freeway Express Add-Ons 
Bus only on freeway routes

Zone 1



Zone 2



Seniors Age 62+/Disabled
Off-Peak Single Ride

Weekdays 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. – 5 a.m.;
All day on weekends and Federal holidays.



Metro Silver Line
See complete Silver Line fare structure.


$1.15 peak

$0.85 off-peak

  • Metro bus operators do not carry change. If using cash, please have exact fare when you board.
  • Two children under age 5 may travel free with each fare-paying adult on bus or rail.
  • Eating, drinking or smoking is not permitted in Metro Rail trains or stations or in Metro buses.

Warning: Failure to pay the proper fare is violation of Section 640 Penal Code and may result in a fine up to $250 and 48 hours community service.

*See Reduced Fare eligibility requirements

Ways to Save

Prepaid passes can save you time and money. Accepted as base fare, they’re sold in advance on TAP cards at Metro Customer Centers and hundreds of locations including Ace Cash Express, Continental Currency Services, Inc., Nix Check Cashing, Ralphs, and California check cashing stores. Tokens good for base fare also are sold at these locations, in bags of ten.  Get a complete directory of Metro pass and token sales outlets.

Metro Day Pass
Good for local travel until 3am the following day. May be purchased aboard buses (TAP Card required) or at Metro ticket vending machines. Zone charges may apply on some lines.
7-Day Pass
Valid on first tap for 7 consecutive days
30-Day Pass
Valid on first tap for 30 consecutive days
Stored Value
Load card with dollar amount of your choice for base fare
$5 minimum
Freeway Express Stamp
Bus only; maximum two zones
$22 per zone
EZ transit pass
Good for travel on Metro bus, Metro Rail and many additional carriers
EZ Premium Stamp
May only be affixed to EZ transit pass
$22 per zone
Valid for base fare; sold in bags of ten for $15 (Must have TAP card on Metro Rail)
Metro Silver Line
See complete Silver Line fare structure.

Money-Saving Tips

Buying a pass is often less expensive than paying the $1.50 base fare. The chart below can help you find the best pass value for your needs.

If you buy a: You save:
Day Pass ($5) after 4 boardings per day
Weekly Pass ($20) after 13 boardings per week
Monthly Pass ($75) after 50 boardings per month

Note: New TAP cards are $1 at TVMs and aboard bus or $2 at Pass sales outlets, and must be sold with a pass.

Special Reduced Fares

Metro's Reduced Fare Programs enable eligible applicants to obtain special TAP cards and purchase reduced-rate monthly passes.  As a reduced-fare rider, you are automatically signed up for free Balance Protection so you won't need to worry if your card is lost or stolen.

Applications for these cards are available by clicking the links below.  When completed, they can be mailed to Metro’s Reduced Fare Office, submitted at any Customer Center or mailed to the TAP Service Center as specified on each application.

Senior/Disabled/Medicare 30-Day Pass - $14

Senior/Disabled/Medicare Day Pass - $1.80
Senior/Disabled/Medicare EZ transit pass - $35 
Senior/Disabled/Medicare EZ Premium Stamp - $9.50 per zone
To obtain a Senior TAP Card, you must be 62 years or older.  Completed applications must be accompanied by a photo and proof of age. 
Get more information about Senior TAP Cards.

To obtain a LACTOA Disabled TAP Card, you will need proof of eligibility or a Medicare card. Completed applications must be accompanied by a photo, required documentation and a $2 processing fee. 
Get more information about LACTOA Disabled TAP Cards.

College/Vocational 30-Day Pass $36 

To qualify for a College/Vocational TAP Card, proof of eligibility will be required.  Completed applications must be accompanied by a photo, required documentation and a $1 processing fee.  Some colleges offer additional group rates; check with your college business office to find out more. 
Get more information about College/Vocational TAP Cards.

Students (K-8 and 9-12)

30-Day Pass - $24 
Single One-Way Fare - $1

Students (K-8 and 9-12) 30-Day Pass - $24 Single One-Way Fare - $1 To obtain a K-12 Student TAP Card, submit a completed application, with required documentation. Get an application online: English Spanish

Once you receive your new TAP card in the mail, you have three fare payment options:

  • If you ride every day, load your card with a Student 30-Day Pass ($24) at selected schools or any Metro Pass Sales locations. You’ll get unlimited rides for 30 consecutive days.
  • If you ride occasionally, load your card with some cash; each time you board and tap, it will deduct a reduced one-way fare of $1 (bus or rail) from your card balance.
  • If you prefer, just tap your unloaded card on the farebox when you board (bus only) and pay the reduced one-way cash fare of $1. 

Students in grades 9-12 are required to have a valid photo ID or school ID to purchase fare or ride with a Student TAP card. Complete instructions and requirements are included on each application.

For additional information about reduced fare programs, call the Metro Reduced Fare office at 213.680.0054.

Your EZ transit pass is now on TAP!

All EZ transit passes are now sold on plastic TAP cards. Each card comes loaded with an electronic EZ transit pass and an EZ transit pass stamp affixed on the card. You can tap your card on systems that take TAP or simply show your TAP card with stamp to the operator on all other transit systems where EZ is accepted.

Order EZ transit passes by Mail

With this form you can order EZ transit passes for use on a variety of different transit systems in the Los Angeles area.

Just print out and complete the order form below, include a self addressed, stamped envelope and mail it with check, money order (we do not accept credit cards) for the exact amount. Orders received by the 15th of the month will be mailed by the 25th.

Senior and Disabled:

Apply for a reduced-fare TAP card with photo ID to make sure you can continue to buy a EZ transit pass at the reduced rate.

Applications are available here senior/ disabled.

TAP again and again.

Your TAP card can be used to load a pass, a one-way ride or stored value (cash) and it’s good for many years.

Transit carriers that take EZ Pass:

Go Metro with TAP

All Metro passes and stored value are now sold on TAP, a durable plastic card you can use again and again. It’s eco-friendly, because using TAP eliminates tons of disposable paper passes and stamps.

Each TAP card has an electronic chip inside; just load the type of pass and stored value you want on your card, and the chip remembers it. Then you simply tap your card each time you board, and the bus farebox or rail validator looks for valid pass first. If no valid pass is found it will deduct from your stored value.

See the TAP Users Guide at right.

How to TAP

On Metro buses: Simply tap your card on the farebox’s TAP target.  A “beep” and message will show the bus operator your card is valid. Remember, you must tap your card each time you board; you may not simply show it to the operator.

On Metro Rail trains and the Metro Orange Line: Locate the station validator or turnstile as you approach the platform and tap your card on the TAP target.  Remember, you must tap your card before boarding; it is not valid unless you do.

Turnstiles are located at some Metro Rail stations. At these stations, tap the validator on the right side of the turnstile before you pass through.

If your trip requires more than one train (i.e., changing from the Red Line to the Blue Line), you must tap the validator again at the station where you change trains. Always have your TAP card handy as fare enforcement officers with handheld validators may ask to verify that you have tapped.

Failure to load valid fare on your card or tap the farebox or validator before boarding could result in a $250 fine.

For additional information, check the links to the right, or call 866.TAPTOGO (866.827.8646).

Note: New TAP cards are $1 at TVMs and aboard bus or $2 at Pass sales outlets, and must be sold with a pass.

Transit Agencies that use TAP

To ride from one transit carrier to another, we recommend loading Stored Valued. TAP cards loaded with Stored Value can be used on any of the systems below. Make sure to TAP your card each time you board and the correct fare amount for each transit carrier will be automatically deducted from the Stored Value loaded on your TAP card. Loading a Metro Pass is only valid on Metro bus and rail.

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