All Communities Convening (ACC)

Information Session (July 2013)

Open House Meetings (January 2013)

ACC Presentation Boards

Open House Meetings (May 2012)

Open House Meeting Boards

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Community Liaison Council (CLC) Meetings (April 2012)

All Communities Convening (ACC) Meetings (March 2012)

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ACC Presentation Boards

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) EIR/EIS Presentations

Stakeholder Outreach Advisory Committee (SOAC) EIR/EIS Presentations

SR 710 Conversations

Series 3: Scoping- Going on the Record (March/April 2011)

Series 2: Protecting Communities through an Environmental Process - CEQA/NEPA (March 2011)

Series 1: Transportation - Where have we been? Where are we going? (February 2011)

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