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With the SR-710 North Study underway, we’re closer than ever to shaping the future of transportation and mobility in your community. After years of gridlock and discussion, two-thirds of Los Angeles County voters approved the passage of Measure R in 2008. As a result, Metro is in a position to address traffic relief and make transportation upgrades throughout Los Angeles County. For decades, the road and highway system that has served as the heart of our County’s transportation lifeline has seen significant impacts stemming from growth and congestion. The San Gabriel Valley, with over 20% of the county's population, is no exception.

At their June 2010 meeting, Metro in coordination with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), adopted motions to move forward with the environmental review phase and broaden the search for multi-modal solutions for the State Route 710 (SR-710) study area. You, the community, participated in a series of meetings held in March and April 2011, during scoping, the first step in the project’s environmental review.

What’s next for the SR-710?

The SR-710 North Study team will be working with stakeholders in person and online as the environmental review process unfolds. This process involves an education and public involvement program to seek both regional and community-based solutions that are suggested by you, your friends, family, neighbors, and everyone else in your community. A range of ideas could be considered – from maintaining the status quo to considering new infrastructure, to multi-modal approaches. We encourage you to regularly visit this website and our social media channels, which will evolve to offer more information on how you can make your voice heard. Help us spread the word!

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