What is the 2009 Long Range Transportation Plan?

Metro's 2009 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) takes a three-decade look ahead to identify what transportation options best serve the county's needs and expectations. It also identifies the Board-adopted public transportation and highway projects, funding forecasts over a 30-year timeframe, multi-modal funding availability for the Call for Projects, sub-regional needs, and project performance measures.

The 2009 plan also updates the 2001 LRTP by charting the latest regional population growth patterns and projections, identifying the latest developments in technical expertise and outlining the impact of Measure R. It also identifies other infrastructural projects that could be funded if new revenue sources become available.

LRTP Technical Document

Presents detailed technical information on subregional needs, climate change and sustainability, financial modeling and assumptions, travel demand modeling and assumptions, and performance analysis.

Supplement 1

Incorporates the newly adopted Strategic Plan projects into the 2009 LRTP. The Strategic Plan was approved by the Metro Board in May 2010 and identifies promising, regionally significant highway and transit projects that could be implemented if additional funding becomes available.