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Young Leaders in Government Student Tour

Young Leaders in Government Student Tour

Nearly Twenty students from select South Los Angeles and Inglewood high schools visited Metro headquarters today as part of the Young Leaders in Government Project and the Inglewood Chamber of Commerce Youth Job Shadow Program, a collaborative effort between Metro, GLAAACC, OUTFRONT Media and the Inglewood Chamber of Commerce. The students got a VIP tour of Metro and Union Station and learned about Metro’s projects, programs, careers and how Metro’s systems are operated. They saw government in action and learn about long-term benefits of Metro’s projects in their communities. They even received advice on how to start their own careers in transportation planning, construction and operations.

Kingdom Day Parade 2015

Kingdom Day Parade 2015

Crenshaw/LAX Community Leadership Council (CLC) members participated in the annual Kingdom Day Parade 2015 and rode on the parade route with Metro representatives and Metro Board Member Jacquelyn Dupont-Walker. Metro's entry to the parade was a vintage replica of the bus Rosa Parks was riding in when she was arrested for refusing to give her seat to a white bus rider in Montgomery, Alabama in 1955. The replica bus highlighted transit's role in the civil rights movement and celebrated the 60th anniversary of Park's historic stand that became the catalyst of the movement. During the parade, Metro staff was available at the Metro booth to assist those interested in making the Eat, Shop, Play Crenshaw pledge and provided information on Metro business and career opportunities at the Kingdom Day Gospel Fest, a concurrent event open to the public held near the end of the parade route on Crenshaw Blvd.

23rd Annual Empowerment Congress Summit

23rd Annual Empowerment Congress Summit

Metro participated in the 23rd Annual Empowerment Congress Summit on Saturday, January 17, 2015 at the University of Southern California. This year’s event featured an assortment of workshops on topics ranging from child welfare, to sex trafficking, to going green on a budget, and much more. In addition to the workshops, the morning plenary session included keynote remarks from Dr. Cornel West. Following the workshops, there was a resource fair where, where Metro staff was available at the Metro booth to assist those interested in making the Eat, Shop, Play Crenshaw pledge and provided information on Metro business and career opportunities.

More than 1,000 People Pledged to “Eat, Shop, Play Crenshaw” During the Campaign Kickoff at the Ninth Annual Taste of Soul festival

More than 1,000 people pledged to “Eat, Shop, Play Crenshaw” during the campaign kickoff at the ninth annual Taste of Soul festival. At the festival, Metro unveiled the new campaign called Eat, Shop, Play Crenshaw where the public were encouraged to take a pledge to support local businesses. The campaign seeks to remind residents and visitors to the Crenshaw Corridor that local businesses are open during construction for the Crenshaw/LAX Line. The campaign launched at the Taste of Soul in Metro’s Eat, Shop, Play Crenshaw pavilion, located at Crenshaw Boulevard and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard where merchants from the Crenshaw District who were impacted by construction of the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project were highlighted.

"Every year, this event grows in size and popularity, building new and stronger bonds within the community. The Taste of Soul encourages hundreds and thousands of SoCal residents to support small businesses that truly are the backbone of our local economy and promotes public transit ridership to improve traffic flow," said Los Angeles Mayor and Metro Board Chair Eric Garcetti.

“Taste of Soul provides an opportunity to celebrate the rich culture and diversity in the Crenshaw District and I am pleased that this year Metro will celebrate many of the local businesses on the Boulevard who have bravely endured the challenges associated with construction of the Crenshaw Line,” said Supervisor Ridley-Thomas. “This event kicks off our campaign to celebrate and help these businesses through our “Eat, Shop, Play Crenshaw Campaign”.

“We all know that once the Crenshaw/LAX Project is completed, the light-rail line is going to benefit our community, in a big way, but right now it is hard on the local shops and stores,” said Metro Board member Dupont-Walker. “It’s particularly hard on the small businesses that traditionally operate on small margins. These are the mom and pop places we can turn to for the sorts of goods and services chain stores can no longer provide. It’s often where we find great deals and personal service.”

Metro also is establishing a $10 million business interruption fund that would provide eligible businesses up to $50,000 annually, not to exceed 60 percent of business revenue loss to address construction impacts along on the project alignment. However, details still are being work out. Here it’s a link to the

Metro Board report: http://media.metro.net/board/Items/2014/10_october/20141002rbmitem57.pdf.


CLC Member Highlight: Armen Ross

Armen Ross

Since the 1970s, Armen Ross has called the Crenshaw neighborhood home. After serving in the United States Army, Armen moved to St. Elmo’s Village, where housing was affordable and he was able to shop at Broadway and May Company department store, where the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza is now located. Over the years, he has witnessed many changes in the community, including the development of the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza and the West Angeles Church of God in Christ cathedral, among others.

As the current president of the Crenshaw Chamber of Commerce, Armen joined the Crenshaw/LAX Community Leadership Council following his predecessor Michael S. Jones, who served on the council during the planning phase of the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project.  “By serving on the CLC, the Crenshaw Chamber of Commerce is an additional voice to Metro and business developers in the area that can add value to the projects underway,” he said.

Armen is hopeful that the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project will serve as a catalyst for community members to continue building on the improvements over the last decade and make the project areas a destination for locals and visitors. “The major battles – like confirming the Leimert Park station – have been won.” Now, he wants to make sure there are shops and restaurants near this station, and every station along the project alignment, which will draw in visitors and inspire them to keep coming.

He says that there was a luster in the community years ago that he believes can be brought back through partnerships with Metro, business developers, and the community. “I’m appreciative that there is an effort to include community input in the planning processes of many projects.” [Top]

Crenshaw/LAX Community Leadership Council Participate in Project Groundbreaking

Front L-R: Linda Ricks, Arna Photo Caption: Crenshaw/LAX Community Leadership Council members with Metro staff at the Groundbreaking Ceremony of the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project.

On Tuesday, January 21, 2014 Crenshaw/LAX Community Leadership Council (CLC) members participated in the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project. The celebration included congratulatory remarks from U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx, U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, U.S. Congress members Karen Bass and Maxine Waters, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Inglewood Mayor James Butts, Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, and many other government and agency officials. The new 8.5-mile light rail line will be the first to serve the Crenshaw and Inglewood communities since 1955 when the Los Angeles Rail Line (Yellow Cars) stopped service. [Top]

CLC Members Take a Tour of the Forum by Chase

Crenshaw/LAX Community Leadership Council (CLC) members and Metro staff had the privilege of getting a peek inside the newly renovated Forum by Chase in Inglewood, CA. Members learned about the history of the color on the outside of the building, which has returned to its original red, and the first acts that are scheduled to hit the stage including The Eagles and Justin Timberlake.

According to LA Curbed, “The Forum hosted "Led Zeppelin 16 times as well as performances by Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, the Doors, Nirvana, Prince and dozens of other rock, pop, country and R&B acts.” The venue, which was acquired by the Madison Square Garden Company (MSG), was designed by Charles Luckman, built by Laker owner Jack Kent Cooke as a home for his team, and opened in 1967. The historic venue has a new look from the inside out and is set to bring in hundreds of jobs. MSG has guaranteed the City of Inglewood at least $675,000 a year in revenue from parking, ticket, and concession taxes. The Forum is scheduled to open in January 2014. [Top]

Crenshaw/LAX Community Leadership Council Honored at Quarterly Meeting

At the CLC Quarterly Meeting held on October 24th, 2013, Metro recognized the Crenshaw/LAX Community Leadership Council (CLC) for their commitment and accomplishments since the council’s formation in 2010. The CLC members were presented with a Certificate of Appreciation signed by Metro CEO Art Leahy, and a Metro lapel pin. The certificate read, “The Crenshaw Community Leadership Council (CLC) is the first advisory body of its kind in Metro history. For the past three years, our agency has counted on CLC Members who have fostered, advanced and promoted community-based dialogue and information sharing in the Los Angeles and Inglewood communities. The success of the council is a result of your outstanding commitment and invaluable contributions to the community. The CLC has established a forum that ensures a continuum of public engagement on all critical community issues in support of the fulfillment of the construction and completion of the Crenshaw/LAX Light Rail Transit Project. This certificate serves as a commendation to you for your public service.” [Top]

Front L-R: Linda Ricks, Arna Fulcher, Tunua Thrash-Ntuk, Father Marcos Gonzalez, Taylor Mayfield, Reverend Jackie Russell; Back L-R: Armen Ross, Lt. Karl Schow, Sharron King, Denny Schneider.

Crenshaw/LAX Community Leadership Council (CLC) Joins Metro at the 8th Annual Taste of Soul

Crenshaw/LAX Community Leadership Council (CLC) Co-chair Tunua Thrash-Ntuk and Member Reverend Jackie Russell joined Metro staff, volunteers and partners at the 8th Annual Taste of Soul, one of Los Angeles’ largest street festivals that took place on Saturday, October 19, 2013. Vendors lined Crenshaw Boulevard between Stocker and Rodeo Road, offering event attendees great food, live entertainment and information from local organizations.
Metro distributed information about the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project, Crenshaw/LAX CLC, employment and business opportunities, transit information, and Metro’s Rail Safety Education Program.

Photo Caption: CLC Co-Chair Tunua Thrash-Ntuk and CLC Member Reverend Jackie Russell gear up for a day with Metro at the 8th Annual Taste of Soul.

Additionally, representatives from Metro’s community partners, several labor unions and pre-apprenticeship training staff provided information on trade unions and working on Metro capital projects that will be under construction in the near future.

Photo Caption: During the Taste of Soul, CLC Co-Chair Tunua Thrash-Ntuk and CLC Member Reverend Jackie Russell enjoy videos inside the Metro Experience trailer, a mobile theater that screened videos illustrating the history, current needs and anticipation for rail in the community along the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project alignment. To watch the videos, click here. [Top]

Metro Crenshaw/LAX Business Opportunities Summit

The Community Leadership Council (CLC) in partnership with Metro invites you to come learn about business and professional opportunities at the Metro Business Opportunities Summit. The Summit is a forum for Metro to inform and educate local small businesses around South Los Angeles about the broad range of economic opportunities. During the Summit, both Metro and Walsh-Shea Corridor Constructors will highlight the broad range of their respective business opportunities and non-construction-related professional career options that will be available on the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project and other transit projects. 

The Metro Business Opportunities Summit is taking place on Monday, October 28, 2013 from 9am to 3pm at the California African American Museum located at 600 State Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90037.

Register online today at www.metrosummitla.com. For more info contact info@metrosummitla.com. [Top]

September Economic Development POD Update – 9.10.13

Community Leadership Council (CLC) member Sharron King, moderated the September Economic Development POD meeting held at the Crenshaw/LAX Project office, where she was joined by fellow CLC members, community residents and business owners, guest speakers and Metro staff.

Keith Compton, Metro Diversity & Economic Opportunity Manager and Miriam Long, Metro Project Labor Agreement/Construction Careers Policy Manager, gave updates based on the monthly Targeted Worker Report from July. The data showed the Crenshaw/LAX Advanced Utility Relocation work exceeded its Targeted Economically Disadvantage Worker and Disadvantaged Worker Utilization goals in the month.

Metro is continuing programs to recruit potential workers in the community along the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project alignment, offering education and training through community organizations and worksource centers.

Photo Caption: CLC members and guests review and discuss the July CCP/PLA report.

To learn more on how to launch you construction career with Metro, see the Apprentice Entry presentation at metro.net/crenshaw, click the CLC tab.

The next Economic Development POD meeting is scheduled for November 12, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. at the Crenshaw/LAX Project office. [Top]

August Business Sustainability POD Update – 8.20.13

CLC members Reverend Jackie Russell and Arna Fulcher co-chaired the August 20 meeting of the Business Sustainability (During Construction) POD and were joined by CLC members, community residents and business owners, City of Inglewood staff, and Metro staff. The agenda included a review and discussion of a Metro Board motion regarding small business and a construction project update.

CLC members and guests review and discuss status of the construction of the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Line. 

Susan Gilmore, Metro Regional Communications Director, reported on a motion that was introduced by Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas at the July 25 Metro Board meeting.  The motion was unanimously approved and directs staff to continue investigation of successful Business Loss Mitigation Programs in Seattle, Minneapolis and other metropolitan areas that include financial assistance to small businesses that are impacted by construction activities in historically and commercially significant neighborhoods. The CLC will keep community members informed of upcoming board meetings on this topic.

Bryan Pennington, Metro Executive Officer, and Olga Lopez, Metro Construction Relations Manager, presented the group with a description of the difference between design-bid-build and design-build processes.  The design-build contractor for the Crenshaw/LAX project is the firm of Walsh/Shea, and their Notice to Proceed is anticipated in mid-September, with major construction commencing in Spring 2014.

POD Co-Chair Rev. Jackie Russell facilitates discussion of business sustainability issues.

The next Business Sustainability (During Construction) POD Meeting is scheduled for November 19, 2013. [Top]

Crenshaw/LAX Project Contract Status: BAFO

The Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor Project received proposals on December 6, 2012. The project continues to be in a blackout period until the contract is awarded. We continue to evaluate the proposals and are in a Best and Final Offer, BAFO process. A BAFO process is a step in the best value procurement process where Metro initiates discussions with proposers on their proposals and requests best and final offers. This process will take several weeks. Nothing else can be said until a recommendation is made to the Metro Board later this spring. It is anticipated that a Notice to Proceed may be issued early summer.

Metro officials announce advanced utility relocation work contract for Crenshaw/LAX Line

PHOTO CAPTION: L.A. Mayor and Metro Board Chair Antonio Villaraigosa and Supervisor and Metro Board Member Mark Ridley-Thomas along with other officials at this morning's announcement.

Los Angeles Mayor and Metro Board Chair Antonio Villaraigosa joined Los Angeles County Supervisor and Metro Board member Mark Ridley-Thomas today to announce the beginning of the advanced utility relocation work for the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor construction project which is the first contract awarded under Metro’s new Project Labor Agreement, a pact between Metro and the building trades to implement a targeted hiring program that will help provide jobs to economically disadvantaged workers.

“The Crenshaw/LAX light rail line will provide a vital transportation link for this community and our entire city,” said Los Angeles Mayor and Metro Board Chair Antonio Villaraigosa. “By utilizing Metro’s Project Labor Agreement Program for this project we are getting Angelenos back to work and creating job opportunities for those who need them the most.”

The Project Labor Agreement (PLA) is an agreement negotiated with the Los Angeles/Orange County Building Trades Council and approved by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board of Directors that will help facilitate the timely completion of transit and highway projects in Los Angeles County. These projects are largely being funded by Measure R, a local half cent sales tax approved by LA County voters in November 2008. However, many of the projects will also be leveraged with federal monies.

“The Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor Project will create jobs that are badly needed throughout this region and jobs that are welcome news to individuals within our communities,” said LA County Supervisor and Metro Board Member Mark Ridley-Thomas. “Over the course of construction on this vital transportation project, thousands of jobs will be created and thanks to Metro’s Construction Careers Policy and Project Labor Agreement, 40 percent of those jobs created will go to workers who live in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods with 10 percent of those jobs going to low income, chronically unemployed individuals.”

Advanced utility relocation work for the Crenshaw/LAX light rail line will be done at 10 locations along Crenshaw corridor in advance of awarding a design-build contract for the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor project. The work will be performed over a twelve month period.

PHOTO CAPTION: Work being done along Crenshaw Boulevard this morning. Photo by Gary Leonard for Metro

The locations where utility relocation work will be performed include; dry utilities relocations for the Federal Aviation Administration and Los Angeles World Airports crossing Metro’s right-of-way at LAX will take place at Aviation adjacent to the airports south runways between 104th and 111th streets. Storm drains crossing Metro’s right-of-way in Inglewood at La Brea/Ivy and Florence.Sewer line relocations along Crenshaw Blvd. at Victoria/Crenshaw and 67th and Crenshaw and 60th streets. Water line relocations along Crenshaw Blvd. at Slauson and Crenshaw at 48th, 50th, 54th streets and storm drain relocation near Leimert Park at Crenshaw/Leimert and West 48th Street.

In addition to the utility relocations, private utilities are working directly with Metro to relocate facilities at Exposition Blvd, Mark Luther King Blvd, La Brea and Manchester Avenue. Facilities include water lines, gas lines, AT&T and overhead power lines. Work will be conducted through spring 2013.

The $8.6-million utility relocation contract is being performed by Metro Builders & Engineers Group under contract to Metro. During construction Metro will make every effort to mitigate impacts to the community and traffic movement along the corridor.

The 8.5-mile light rail project will run between the Expo Line on Exposition Boulevard and the Metro Green Line. It will serve the Crenshaw Corridor, Inglewood, Westchester, and LAX area with six stations, a maintenance facility, park and ride lots, traction power substations and the acquisition of rail vehicles and maintenance equipment.

The Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor Project will offer an alternative transportation option to congested roadways and provide significant environmental benefits, economic development and employment opportunities throughout Los Angeles County.

For additional information visit www.metro.net/crenshaw or call the project phone number (213) 922-2736. [Top]

CLC Seeks Consensus on Rail Project Safety

The CLC is working to achieve a broad community consensus on the transit project’s design, construction, and safe operation and are evaluating the light rail project’s capacity and ability to leverage the project’s public resources for neighborhood benefit in Los Angeles and Inglewood. Members see the Crenshaw/LAX Corridor Transit Project as a vehicle to improve community quality of life through transit-oriented economic development projects that would produce new retail and residential projects for neighborhoods served by the line.

The CLC is currently monitoring the transit project’s capacity to create new jobs for corridor residents and provide new contract procurement opportunities with Metro for local businesses located in the transit project corridor. [Top]

CLC – A Vehicle for Community Expression and Perspectives

Community residents in Los Angeles and Inglewood are hopeful for the Crenshaw/LAX Line’s potential to create new jobs. Community interest is high regarding the project’s potential to kick-start development of commercial projects beneficial to neighborhood residents.

Residents are looking forward to having a fast, safe light rail line to make mass transit connections to distant destinations throughout Greater Los Angeles and neighborhood residents presently dependent on their cars or Metro buses.

The Crenshaw/LAX CLC is seeking community input and feedback as it promotes community dialogue and discussion on the specific transit needs and wants of Los Angeles and Inglewood residents and business owners during the construction phase of the project [Top]

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