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Supplemental Environmental Assessment

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Finding of No Significant Impact

Supplemental Environmental Assessment

Cover, Table of Contents


Section 1 - Purpose, Need, and Description of the Proposed Actions
Section 2 - Public Outreach Process
Section 3 - Environmental Effects
Section 4 - List of Agencies Consulted
Section 5 - Distribution List
Section 6 - List of Preparers
Section 7 - References


  • Appendix A  Visual Depictions of Property Acquisition
  • Appendix B  Visual Depictions of Street Reconfigurations
  • Appendix C  Table of Parcel Acquisitions Required for Proposed Project Modifications
  • Appendix D  Parcels No Longer Required due to BNSF Abandonment
  • Appendix E Part 1 SHPO Correspondence
  • Appendix E Part 2 SHPO Correspondence continued
  • Appendix F Supplemental Noise Technical Memorandum - Added Sept. 7, 2012

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