Sunset Bl Bridge and the northbound off-ramp to Sunset Bl have been completed. Final configuration for the Moraga Dr on- and off-ramp is anticipated by April 2014. Final restoration of Sepulveda Bl will include double left-turn lanes onto the northbound on-ramp from Moraga Dr from northbound Sepulveda Bl. We anticipate this also being implemented by April 2014.

Widening Church Ln Undercrossing

To accommodate the new northbound lane, the north side of Church Ln bridge will require widening, work expected to require six to 10 more months. Consequently, Church Ln and the Church Ln/Sepulveda Bl intersection will be closed intermittently at night.

Wall Construction

There are approximately 18,775 ft of retaining walls in the Sunset Segment, equivalent to slightly more than 3.5 miles. As of April 2013, 11,520 ft of these walls have been built. Put another way, approximately 61 percent of all retaining walls for the Sunset segment are complete.

Wall 1766 remains a key to this effort. The wall starts slightly north of the Moraga Dr on-ramp and runs along the eastside of the northbound I-405 for approximately 1,680 ft. Completion of the wall requires some intermittent nighttime closure of the Moraga Dr on-ramp until June 28, 2013.

When complete, Wall 1766 will include a sound wall. Both are anticipated to be complete May 2014. This is one reason the Wilshire and Mulholland segments are likely to open before the Sunset Segment.

By the way, the higher the wall number, the nearer it is to Ventura Bl. The lower the wall number, the closer it is to National Bl.

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