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Skirball Center Dr Ramps and Bridge Reconstruction

Skirball Bridge
South side of Skirball Bridge under construction

The project anticipates completion of the Skirball Center Dr bridge by the end of 2013. Crews are now working toward constructing the bridge deck, having recently installed the bridge girders. The new Skirball southbound off-ramp should be completed and opened by the end of the summer. Demolition of the southbound off-ramp will begin then. Completion of the northbound off-ramp to Skirball Center Dr and the northbound off-ramp from Skirball Center Dr are linked to the completion of the Mulholland and Skirball bridges.

Enhanced Bridge Features

When completed, the expanded Skirball Center Dr Bridge will be widened by approximately 30 feet and designed to the latest seismic standards.

The new bridge will include a minimum 10-foot-wide travel path on the south side of the bridge to accommodate wildlife movement. This path would function as a wildlife conduit (nighttime hours) as well as a pedestrian sidewalk.

New Skirball Ramps

The new southbound on ramp from Skirball Center Dr opened on Sunday, February 3. The old southbound on-ramp has been permanently closed and will be demolished.

Reconstruction will create higher capacity southbound on-and off-ramps relocated approximately 2,000 feet south of the Skirball Center Dr Bridge. This will improve traffic flow by reducing conflict with Sepulveda Bl traffic lanes and alleviate congestion on the bridge.

Here are several features of the relocated southbound on- and off-ramps:

  • Greater ramp storage capacity for vehicles entering and exiting the I-405 freeway
  • Dedicated turn-lanes on Sepulveda Bl for vehicles entering and exiting the freeway
  • New bike routes on Sepulveda Bl between Skirball Center Dr and the new southbound on- and off-ramps
  • New signage directing visitors to the Skirball Cultural Center
  • Simpler design of the Sepulveda Bl/Skirball Center Dr intersection, resulting in a safer intersection
  • Shorter traffic-signal cycles, enabling improved traffic-signal synchronization to expedite travel throughout the Sepulveda Pass corridor's local street network
    Mulholland Bridge and Skirball Bridge from June 2012.
    Mulholland Bridge and Skirball Bridge from June 2012.

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