The project anticipates completion of the Mulholland Dr bridge by the end of 2013. Workers are currently forming the bridge’s deck, as evidenced by the recent series of deck pours.

The Mulholland Dr Bridge will be the third bridge demolished and reconstructed to accommodate the widening of the I-405 freeway and to add a northbound high-occupancy vehicle lane through the Sepulveda Pass. When completed, the expanded Mulholland Center Dr Bridge will be widened by approximately 10 feet and will be designed to the latest seismic standards.

The I-405 project website will have the latest construction updates.

Mulholland Bridge

Bridge false work can be seen at the bottom of the photo as the new north side of Mulholland Bridge rises over the I-405’s southbound lanes.

Reconstruction has begun on the 608-foot-long bridge and is expected to take approximately 11 months. Upon completion, the northern side of the bridge will be demolished and rebuilt in the same manner.

Mulholland Bridge

Girders curl over the I-405. The photo looks east and Mulholland Dr can be seen in the background.

During reconstruction, the Mulholland Dr Bridge will accommodate one lane of traffic in each direction.

The I-405 project website will have the latest updates regarding construction work, so please check back frequently. Photos documenting the progress of construction can be viewed in the project’s Photo Gallery.

Mulholland Bridge

Completed Mulholland Bridge, South View

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