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Reduce stress and save money… Welcome to Rideshare!

Driving to work is stressful and expensive, especially if it’s just you driving alone.  Think about how much time and money you could be saving if you had someone else in the car and could just hop into the carpool lane, or if you didn’t have to pay for gas or parking.  If you took the bus and had someone else do the driving, you might be able to check email or read your favorite book.

Rideshare is more than just carpooling and vanpooling. It’s a new way of looking at your commute and choosing multi-modal options for getting to work.  Metro is here to help you find an easier way to get around LA.  Metro offers employer-based transit passes, ridematching for carpoolers and schools, bicycling support, subsidies for vanpoolers, and more. 

Learn about all of the programs available to you and your employer and get to work stress-free and with more cash in your pocket! Not only that, but it’s good for the environment, too.     

Commuting to work should not have to be stressful.  Try taking transit or finding a carpool buddy and you’ll see how easy getting to work can be.  Metro Commute Services is Los Angeles County’s FREE resource to helping you get to a better commute. Get all of the information you need right here.

Here is a list of services offered:

Find a match!  Sign up to find commuters who live and work near you and are interested in carpooling, vanpooling, or finding a bike buddy.  You’ll also get information about public transit service near you.  It’s free and there is no obligation, plus learn about commute cost savings and see how much you could be reducing in greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Commuters can take advantage of tax-free benefits through employers, including discounted bus and train passes.
  • Commuters get more information on taking transit, carpooling, bicycling, and school pool.
  • Metro Vanpool offers commuters subsidies on vehicle leasing costs.
  • Guaranteed Ride Home provides ridesharing commuters a fast and easy way of getting home when you really need to.
  • Metro Rewards gives ridesharing commuters a free coupon book and tons of savings.
  • Commuters can take advantage of improved facilities such as ExpressLanes and a growing number of park and ride lots.
  • Carpool Loyalty Program

Employers can offer special programs to their employees and help them get to work faster and happier. Not only that, but in doing so, employer s can help themselves by meeting air quality standards, resolving parking issues and having a more satisfied workforce. Metro Commute Services is committed to providing support to employers, large and small, in LA County. 

Here are some of the programs offered to employers:

  • Employer Annual Pass Programs make it easier and more affordable to subsidize employees’ transit costs.
  • ETC support is available at no cost for assistance with AQMD’s Rule 2202, implementing an ECRP (rideshare program) at your worksite, and with the AVR surveying process.
  • Free ridematching services are offered to employers in LA County as well as regionally. Sign up and see how easy it is to get employees personalized information on carpooling, finding a bike buddy, or taking transit. Our tools will help you show your employees how much they could be saving on commuting costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.    
  • Metro Vanpool Program offers commuters subsidies on vehicle leasing costs.
  • Metro Rewards and Guaranteed Ride Home help support your employees who are already ridesharing and might help convince others who are not.
  • Employers can take advantage of a number of tax incentives by offering employees rideshare benefits.

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