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Commute Services Employer Programs

Commute Services Employer Programs
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Welcome to Metro Commute Services Employer Programs, your one-stop shop for commute information and ridesharing resources in LA County. Whether you need to comply with air quality regulations or simply wish to explore commute options for your work site, Metro Commute Services is here for you.

Check out your options in the tabs above or click the boxes on the right side of this page to access commuting information tailored to your own particular needs. You can also call 323.GO.METRO (323.466.3876), choose Option 3 and one of our helpful representatives will assist you.

If you are driving a distance of 30 miles or more and vanpool might be the best option for you. Metro provides $400 monthly vanpool subsidy for each vanpool to reduce transportation costs. Vanpools usually start the commute from a Park & Ride or other designated location.

Click on http://www.metro.net/riding/vanpool/ to see a complete overview of Metro’s vanpool program.

The Metro Rideshare PlanMaker is designed to assist Employee Transportation Coordinators with implementing a Rideshare Program for their employer. The first two documents are a PowerPoint overview presentation. The remaining documents are divided into sections with many useful materials.

For viewing MS Word, Powerpoint, and Excel documents - Download Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) or use Google Docs Reader (online)