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What is carpooling?

If you’re looking to cut down your commute, save money on gas and reduce wear and tear on your car – try carpooling. Carpooling is two or more people sharing the ride, usually taking turns driving their own vehicles.

Carpooling is a flexible option and can be set up to operate any way that works for you and your carpool partner(s). Some people may carpool on a daily basis but even setting up a once-or-twice-a-week carpool is better than driving alone every day. Even if you don’t own a car, you may be able to set up an arrangement in which someone else does all the driving while you pitch in for gas and other expenses.

Why would anyone carpool? With access to carpool lanes and Metro ExpressLanes, on average, Southland commuters who carpool shave 36 minutes off their drive. Carpoolers also save money on gas, reduce wear and tear on their car and may qualify for perks at work like preferential parking and rideshare bonuses. A better question is, why would anyone drive alone?

Carpool Lane Map

If you’re interested in starting a carpool, try putting the word out to co-workers, neighbors and friends to see if anyone you know would like to share the ride. You can also visit ridematch.info and register to use the ridematching service.

Before starting your carpool arrangement, it’s a good idea to meet with your carpool partner(s) to iron out the details:

  • How often you’ll carpool
  • Who drives, and when
  • Arrangements for pick-ups and drop-offs
  • Duties of the driver, such as filling up the gas tank before picking up riders
  • Whether smoking is allowed
  • Will you add additional riders
  • Any other questions or concerns you may have

Consider establishing a trial period of a week or two to determine if you’re suited to carpool together. Keep in mind, the more people in your carpool, the less you’ll pay for gas and the less often you’ll have to drive. People with consistent schedules do very well with three- or four-person pools. But if you need more flexibility, a carpool with only one other person may be more your speed.

What is carpooling?

How do I find someone to carpool with?

A co-worker and I have agreed to carpool. Now what do we do?

My commute already takes long enough—won’t carpooling just make it longer?

What if I can’t carpool every day?

How many people should be in the carpool?

I don’t have a car—can I still carpool?

What are the benefits of carpooling?

Carpool Lane Rules Of The Road

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